Attract garden birds british and visitors to your garden. Place food in the garden suitable for the species you expect. You can buy bird food, use kitchen scraps and grow plants, shrubs and trees which produce berries and fruit. Birds will also feed on insects and worms.

Garden Birds British - Male House Sparrow

Male House Sparrow

Some birds will find shelter and nest in shrubs and trees, in nest boxes you give them, under the eaves of your own home or even on the ground under cover.

You can enjoy birds in your inner city home just as easily as in a rural or country setting. Give your birds food and water and they will regularly visit.

Make sure you make water available for drinking and bathing. It doesn’t have to be a pond, any shallow container will do which allows them good all round visibility to anticipate danger.

Place all these things in your garden allowing the birds to look around for predatory Sparrowhawk, Kestrel or domestic cat. Give the birds cover nearby for them to escape to. Position feeders, tables and nest boxes so that you can observe them as your flying visitors go about their daily business.

Make these basic requirements available to your bird visitors and you will be rewarded with endless enjoyment observing their antics, watching them feed and nest, seeing the young birds fledge, fly and grow to adulthood.

Wood Pigeon on a tree stump

Wood Pigeon

Garden birds UK and visitors from afar need shelter, food and water, just like us. If they do not find these things in your garden they will have to go elsewhere. If they sense constant danger from predators they dare not stay.

Make your garden a haven for the birds and they will visit and return time and again. It is really easy to do in any garden large, small, urban or rural!

All garden birds british and european will thank you for your efforts.