What Do Birds Eat

What Do Birds Eat

What do birds eat - Blue Tit at a hanging feeder

Blue Tit

Bird feeding habits depend of course on their species. The birds need for food is greatest in spring when raising young chicks and in winter when food is scarce. Raising young is a huge strain on adult birds and they will greatly appreciate a dependable supply of food at this time
They will eat purchased bird seed, fresh or dried fruit, peanuts and sunflower seed with or without shells, kitchen scraps, live or dried worms, meal worms. Suet cakes or lard cakes (breadcrumbs, seed, fruit nuts encased in enough lard to hold them together buy them or make them yourself – use a mould).
If you choose to plant fruiting trees or berry bushes in your back garden the birds will just love them. Throw old fruit onto the garden and you will give a treat to thrushes, robins and many others. Many birds will do a great job of controlling garden slugs, snails and other insects.
Do not feed birds dessicated coconut or cooked porridge oats these may swell up in the birds stomach. Uncooked oats are fine for birds as is cooked rice. Do not feed birds anything which has mould on it. No spicy or salty food, birds are not curry lovers! Check out your local pet shop for other ideas.
What Do Birds Eat

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