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Pests In The Bird Garden

The Bird Garden - Squirrel raiding a bird feeder

Squirrel raiding a bird feeder

Squirrels may or may not be a problem in your garden, squirrel proof feeding gadgets are available or you can try out your own ideas, like mesh over a ground feed table to allow the birds in and out but not the squirrels, hawks or cats.
Help the birds that eat insects and caterpillars by avoiding the use of pesticides if you can.
Rats and mice will be discouraged if waste food and droppings are regularly cleared from below a bird table.
Wash feeders with a weak disinfectant in hot water. Scrape off droppings and scrub feeders, bird tables and baths down regularly.
Scrub the tables with hot soapy water then rinse.
Fungus from peanuts and mouldy food can be deadly to birds. Prevention of disease with cleanliness of all your bird equipment is the best thing you can do. This clean regime will also apply to nest boxes when the breeding season is over.
Pests In The Bird Garden