Making Your Garden Even More Bird Friendly

Looking to create a bird friendly garden and don’t know what to do? There are many tangible things, beyond the basics of water, food, and shelter that you can place in your garden to make it a place that birds will love to visit.

As any casual watcher of birds know, they love trees. Trees allow them to set up nesting high enough to provide them with safe spots above the ground where they can rest as well as keep a lookout for easy food. And, if your garden has no trees, you can set up perches in your yard which will provide them with similar benefits. Although, mainly used by pet owners as a resting place for their bird when outside of his cage, bird perches are the perfect accessory for the birds visiting your garden.

Seriously consider planting some annuals in your garden. They will add brightness and color to it. but, in addition, the seeds from them serve as food sources for many birds. But, once the flowers have blossomed, don’t trim them off the way many gardeners do. Just leave them in their natural state. This ensures that as the summer rolls to its end that the birds will have plenty of seeds from the annuals to help them prepare themselves for the winter months.

The perfect bird garden has tons of bushes and trees. For the most part, these plants should be located on the garden edges and sides. As for the center, leave it as primarily a lawn or grass area. This center area provides the birds with plenty of room to be out in the open where they can hunt for insects while, at the same time, making it hard for predators to sneak up on therm because of the wide unobstructed grassy area.

You might try keeping a stack of old logs at the perimeters of your garden also. Having a pile of old logs on the edges of your yard is nice touch also, A lot of insects and bugs are attracted to structures made of wood. In fact, don’t be surprised if the birds in your yard find this one of their favorite eating places once they notice how many bugs visit there.

A composter is a great for creating natural fertilizer for the plants in your yard. Birds also love them. They will take full advantage of some of the food scraps that you throw on the composter pile.

And once you have created the perfect garden for birds, don’t forget to enjoy it yourself.

If you are a true bird lover and have set up your yard with bird houses, feeders, bird baths, and all sorts of other amenities to attract birds to your yard, you should seriously consider buying a desk diary and documenting the birds that you see in your garden.

Document the bird species, how many, the time of day, and the date. Also, take pictures and store them along with the diary. You may be surprised at the fond memories that these give you in your later years.

By: Ken Lawless

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