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Garden for Birds Predators

Garden for Birds Predators - Kestrel Hunting

Kestrel Hunting

Cats kill millions of birds every year. An individual cat may not kill many garden birds but there are millions of cats in Britain and Europe so the total soon becomes significant. You cannot, of course, keep your own cat from stalking and trying to catch your visiting birds and even if you tried, neighbours cats will also be out hunting – it is their nature.

A small bell on your own cats collar will warn the garden birds of the approaching danger, for the cats safety there are quick release collars in case of entanglement. However neighbours cats still invade your garden. There are also ultrasonic devices that deter cats.

Hawks, mainly the Sparrowhawk although you may see a Kestral (shown left), particularly attack small birds at feeders and bird tables, moving the feeders under the cover of tree branches will make attack more difficult.

Squirrels may or may not be a problem in your garden. There are many squirrel proof gadgets available in stores. If your garden is large enough you could arrange a feeder just for squirrels, placing it far away from the bird tables and feeders

Squirrel raiding a nest box

Squirrel looking for eggs or chicks

You can try out your own deterrents, like wire mesh over a ground feed table to allow the birds in and out but not the squirrels, hawks or cats.

Magpies and other members of the Crow family will take small chicks and eat the eggs from a nest if they can find them and are given the opportunity.

Garden for Birds Predators