Garden Birdbath & Bird Fountains

Garden Birdbath & Bird Fountains
Bird Watering and Bathing is as essential as feeding for your garden birds. Birds need to bathe to keep their plumage conditioned and maintain their flight status, it is vital to their survival. Bird fountains or a garden birdbath are ideal for your birds and it’s loads of fun to watch the critters bathe!

Garden birdbath - Bird Bath Time

Bird Bath Time

If you have a pond or can build one in your garden that is great and your bird visitors will love it. A purpose built garden birdbath is wonderful for the birds and excellent for your birdwatching purposes. If not then a large plate, frisby or inverted dustbin lid will make a perfectly good water container. Fill it so that smaller birds are not in danger of drowning and so it is shallower at the edges getting a little deeper toward the middle for bathing purposes. A bird fountain is wonderful if you can manage one they help keep the water supply fresh and algae free. Otherwise if you can arrange running water with a small pump and tube to cycle it around that is also very good – the birds will hear the trickle of water and come for a drink.

Thirsty Sparrow - Paul Brentnal

Thirsty Sparrow

Place the garden birdbath or watering container as you would place the feeding tables so the birds can maintain their constant vigil for predators and escape to nearby cover when cats or hawks approach. Birds are very vulnerable at watering and feeding times a lapse of attention by the bird can be fatal. Often birds will drink, bathe and feed in groups or small flocks to minimise the risk from hungry predators.
Garden Birdbath & Bird Fountains

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