Cuckoo Tracking – Lyster’s African Safari

Is Lyster really behind schedule?

I’m curious about Lyster (my favoured Cuckoo) trailing his four compadres south into Africa. It seems odd that their positions are not more randomly spread (at least in terms of latitude). I thought, perhaps, his variant, more scenic and coastal route might be a cause. Could be different local weather […]

Cuckoo in the News

Cuckoo under Investigation

I heard on the 8:00 am Radio 4 News this morning (Tue 7 June 2011) that a birding organization – I think the British Trust for Ornithology – are radio tagging five strong male cuckoos in an attempt to discover why they are in such decline. Well good for them, a great […]

Sparrow, Starling, Thrush and Wren – Fewer Garden Visits 2010.

Now is the Perfect Time

Now is the perfect time to put one or two nest boxes out there for the smaller birds, to put food down for all your airborne garden visitors and to do routine maintenance on your existing bird tables, bird fountains, ponds, feeders and nest boxes. It’s been a bad winter, […]

Starling – Bird in Decline

It’s critically true. The starling, that loud and cheeky bird singing in large flocks each evening with its beautiful iridescent plumage, has declined by 66% since 1975. Here follows a description of the Starling and its habits and suggestions on how householders in inner cities, suburbs and rural areas can help the Starling to survive […]

Gourds as Organic Garden Birdhouses

Plant gourd seeds to use as alternate nesting places for your garden bird visitors. They are fun to grow and will, inevitably attract the interest of the entire family. […]

Have you Heard a Cuckoo Lately? Or a Nightingale Sing?

A bleak future for birds?

Will your children’s children ever hear a Cuckoo, or a Nightingale, see a Robin, or a Sparrow? The Turtle Dove will just be known by a verse in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and never again will 200,000 Starlings gather at dusk to tweet goodnight. Unless something changes quickly, they’ll […]

Making Your Garden Even More Bird Friendly

Looking to create a bird friendly garden and don’t know what to do? There are many tangible things, beyond the basics of water, food, and shelter that you can place in your garden to make it a place that birds will love to visit.

As any casual watcher of birds know, they love trees. Trees […]

Cuckoo – A Bird in Decline

The Cuckoo is a migrant RSPB Red List bird and has been in decline for 25 years. The Cuckoo population has dropped by 65% over this period. The cause of decline is not well understood but changing climate and trends in host breeding habits are cited, resulting in a fewer number of host nests for the Cuckoo to invade. […]

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to – your Garden Birds website.

It is intended that this site will evolve and improve as a resource for all garden bird lovers and enthusiasts. We intend regular updates, additions, extensions and revisions and in the very near future will provide a mechanism to allow our web visitors to make direct comments […]