Birds Nesting Boxes

Birds nesting boxes available at our online store

Some birds nesting boxes available at our online store

Birds nesting boxes come in two basic designs – open nest boxes and closed nest boxes. Open nest boxes are a closed box of any shape with about half of one side left open as an entrance. Closed nest boxes are completely enclosed with access provided usually by a small circular hole. The size of both these variations are tailored to the size of the bird you wish to attract. The size of the hole in a closed box is just large enough to admit the desired species.
Birds nest boxes, once your birds have finished with them (mid-August onwards) should be rigorously cleaned. Scrape them out, discard old nests and debris. Thoroughly rinse out with boiling water, scrub clean and dry completely.

Before replacing in the garden check your garden bird house is still sturdy, draughtproof and waterproof and fix any problems. Get the birds nesting boxes out in your garden early, before Spring really, ready for the start of the mating and nesting season.
You can make your own bird nest boxes simply and ingeniously (see the Build a Bird Box page). You can wedge a hanging basket in a shrub or a tree as an open nest box. A plastic water pipe 4″ to 8″ in diameter and 8″ to 10″ long, capped at both ends and with a small hole drilled in its rounded side as bird entrance and fasten to a tree trunk or hang from a branch. The ideas are practically endless – examine the junk in your garage or tool shed and see what you can do! For sure your prospective nest box bird will not care about your boxes appearance.
Gourds, strawberry planters and even plant pots with a little modification could easily serve as a nest box for many common garden birds.
Birds Nesting Boxes

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